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TremorTek / Hinge

TremorTek and Hinge are experimental diagnostic devices for measuring tremor and dystonia which provide clinical outcome measures to physicians following treatment.



Toxinmed is an educational resource created for movement disorder neurologists and physiatrists that wish to refresh their clinical knowledge of muscle localization and surface anatomy to improve their injection skill set.


Movement Disorders Workbook

The movement disorders workbook helps physicians to interactively learn the best clinical techniques during visual assessment of such disorders to ensure the correct treatment plan is developed and personalized to their patient needs.



Movement disorders and age related mobility issues continue to be the most common problem physicians face. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we are making improvements to existing drug therapies and enhancing physician skillsets for the next leap forward in digital healthcare.

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We are always interested to hear from other clinicians and industry partners that want to improve their skillset and drug therapy, our team of neuroscientists and medical development team are here to help.